Camp Koering 2015

 A pic from winter fun at the cabin!

A pic from winter fun at the cabin!

It's that time of year again. When we Koerings gather together to celebrate the 4th of July, and each other. Back in 2011 - when this all began - we had a house full of preschoolers and toddlers (and a few babies) - and we had to do something to keep them busy!  There were a few of us adults who were former camp counselors - and a lot of us who love a rallying idea - and "Camp Koering" was born.

Several years later the kids are older - the camp is shorter (hockey camps, soccer games, work schedules and life in general has become more a part of our lives) - but we are still donning our camp shirts and celebrating being together at the cabin.

This year it was Camp Koering "on steriods."  We had 24 hours, and we did out best to jam in all of the favorites: camp t-shirts, crafts, calisthenics with E. Norm (Us-Muscles), water wars, obstacle courses, fireworks and lots and lots of treats.  Summer! Family!

And, we end each Camp Koering with a viewing of the quintessential Camp Koering video.  This year, it was an especially awesome feat because it was created in 24 short hours... and it still made us laugh - and cry.  Thanks, Andy!

If you have 20 minutes to see pure delight and summer at its very best... here ya go: