Jer-Bear - our gardening guru guy - thinks really strategically about where/how to grow what's in this ginormous garden.  And the concept of Companion Planting - or, intentionally pairing plants together that are mutually beneficial to each other plays a big part in his plan. cabin garden map 2013

Here are some of the basic Companion Planting pairings that we've used in our garden. These are from our experience in this growing season of 2013, although we did some experimenting before that. We try and share the best pairings, and why; and then how it worked for us.

Check them out:

1.  Flax, Potatoes, Four o'Clocks

2.  Corn and Green Beans

3.  Basil and Tomatoes

And, here's a great summary of more beneficial companion gardening pairings!