Meet some of the people around the cabin who help make this place tick. First and foremost - Cath and Jer:

Cath - The Cook. Cath is the one who basically runs this place. Make no mistake: she's in charge. :) She's brilliant, and also a ton of fun. She loves to cook, and has the absolute best.laugh.ever.  She is an awesome Grandma.  What would we do without Cath?  I seriously don't know.

(Picture coming!  Right, Mom?)

Jer-Bear - The Gardener.  Jerry grew up on a farm in North Dakota and is maybe the sweetest person on earth...think cuddly Teddy Bear kind of sweet.  (Which is where we get the nick name 'Jer-Bear.')  He is the one that seemingly effortlessly makes anything grow like a weed... except without the weeds.

This is Heather.  She's married to my oldest brother, Adam.  If Cath isn't in charge, Heather is.  And she's REALLY good at it.  I don't know how she does it, but people just do what she says.  She's super fun, too!  She's an awesome mom, and I often think to myself... WWHD?  Oh, and she takes some great pics and generally has awesome ideas, many of which you'll probably see here.

And this is Michele.  She loves my second oldest brother, Jake.  She also loves to SLEEP.  (She almost loves sleep as much as Jake, but Jake wins out...barely.)  She is ALSO a great mom, and super fun (it's a fun crew here), plus she's our creative genius - a graphic designer and artist and photographer.  What CAN'T she do? (Oh... stay awake while lounging on the couch.)

And then there's the rest of the fam... me... and my bros... and all of our kiddos.  More pictures coming soon!