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Welcome to the Koering Cabin.  We like to have a good time, whether that's eating, playing, swimming, eating... did I mention eating?  Whatever we're doing, it's a family affair for us.

A few years ago, our Dad (this is him, doing his standard pose)

started gardening in his spare time.  (He grew up on a farm and has a very green thumb.) And in true Koering form, his "garden" turned out to be a prolific and HUGE vegetable - dare I say it? - oasis... it kind of shocked all of us, including my Dad.  He has lots of theories as to why - at least up to this point - it's been so successful.  Check out Jer-Bear's tips here.

Here's what you need to know about my Dad.  He's a pretty quiet guy, very humble.  We own a piece of land across from our cabin, and one day my Dad mentioned that he started clearing a plot of land to get back into gardening.  You know, like a hobby garden.

I - along with the rest of my family - was imagining a 10x10 foot kind of garden-variety garden. Right? I mean, that's what most people do when they have a hobby garden.

Well, another thing you need to know about my family: We don't do anything half-way.

Not sure if this will really give you a sense of how HUGE this garden is.  But here's the best pic we've got right now, in late spring of 2012.

The dimensions of this sucker are something like 70 feet x 50 feet or so... but we're not the type to actually measure, so it's a guess.  (That's 3500 square feet, which, for the record, is way bigger than my house.)

Here's a hilarious video of our first trip out to finally see what Jer-Bear was working on.  You can see how surprised we were at its size and scope:

First Trip to the Garden from Sally K Zimney on Vimeo.

Last spring, Jer-Bear has planted asparagus, carrots, beets, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peppers, herbs (dill, basil, rosemary, parsley), cucumbers, and watermelon... and probably a few more, though we can't remember at the moment.  Spinach!  Lettuces.  Oh yeah, celery.  (Holy cow. What are we doing to do with all this food?!)  And some flowers, cause, why not?

This year's (2014) garden is in the midst of some major planning... we'll update you soon about what's in store!

And this blog/website/whatever it is - we're not even sure yet - is about documenting this wild experiment, and perhaps sharing what we're learning along the way.  There might be some recipes passed along from Cath (Grandma, the chef), photos taken from the family photographers (Heather, Michele and Andy), gardening tips from Jer-Bear, of course, all documented by me, Sally, the blog lady.  There will for sure be some good stories.  Because we're a big family and there's bound to be something worth passing along when all 20 of us get together, which we like to do.

So - thanks for checking out the Koering Cabin.  Let us know if you've got some questions, ideas, or if there's something we can dig into more.