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Camp Koering

Kids in the Cabin Garden

The Cabin Garden July Update

Helllllooooo!  Time for a Cabin Garden summary for July. We started off July with the best of the best up at the …

Radishes 1

Harvesting Radishes

 A few days ago, as a part of Camp Koering, Jake and Jer-Bear took the kiddos out to see the garden and …

Camp Koering Video 2013

The Camp Koering Video 2013

Like all things up here, we have to remind the kids that ‘this is not ordinary,’ even though the cabin experience is …

Camp Koering Rouser

The Camp Koering Rouser

People.  It’s T-5 days until we start our fourth annual (fourth?! third?!  I really can’t recall at this moment) “Camp Koering” up …

On Devil’s Lake, In Webster, WIS
With warm and sandy shores.
There is a camp among the trees
Up where the eagle soars.
Camp Koering! Camp Koering!
We sing our songs with glee!
We laugh and play, all night and day,
You are the place for me!

→ July 2, 2012